Tim LeVan Miller

Frontier Justice – 10.7.16 – iTunes

Come Protect Me

Come Protect Me

–Tim LeVan Miller



Take me away from this haunting crutch.

Let me die, let me ask, let them feel my disgust.

Help them to see that it’s them, not me.

I’ve stood fast and I’ve given more than I can.


Come Protect Me,

I need to know.

If you’re anxious and willing,

And ready to go.

‘Cause I’ve been asking,

They keep saying no.

You’ve got to stand on your own.


Fuel up my fears let the world know.

I forgave, I forgot, yet they won’t let go.

Memories are all there’ll be of me.

So keep them close, and I pray, that you’ll remember me.




Vocal embellished bridge




Modulation then Chorus out over freestyle riff