Tim LeVan Miller

Frontier Justice – 10.7.16 – iTunes



            –Tim LeVan Miller


Take the money home.

Spend it like you’re all alone.

Waste my time.

Running dry trying to catch up

Asking for a buck from the common cup

Hey, you’ve spent my dime.


Three young men, hard working backs

Trying to get along in a life that won’t give back.

Sleep all day, nine to five

Trying to figure out how to survive.


You’re fake

You’re fake.


Piss like the passing dogs

Feast on what’s been passed along

Take what’s never yours

Feels good to be giving up

Smarter than the most who cast you off.

Hey, you’ve spent my dime.





So take all the money

Spend it on sweet nothings

You’re gone.

Then tomorrow I’ll know

When you ask for more

You’re fake.


Chorus out.