Tim LeVan Miller

Frontier Justice – 10.7.16 – iTunes




            –Tim LeVan Miller


Take the money and save yourself.

Take the freedom from someone else.

Run away with the soft-core toys that make you feel less alone.

Change your name to elude the truth.

Change your path and fake every move.

Chase the diamonds you know exist in bloody hands.


Running out of control

Running out of control


Sink back to oblivion,

Wrestle with freedom,

You’ve got something:

A story to tell.

Nevermind what the people say,

Whoring activities

For cash:

Your back in business now.


Lose your job, lose you loft, your sanity.

Lose the girls that you thought were easy.

Escorted back to the broken home that you’ve despised.

You’ll take it back and you’ll start all over.

You’ll take the time to be clean and sober.

Fuck the man who’s always had you by the throat.


Running out of control

Running out of control