Tim LeVan Miller

Frontier Justice – 10.7.16 – iTunes

The Coldest Part

The Coldest Part

            –Tim LeVan Miller


Fake the coldest part of your heart.

Play dumb for minute, forget who you are.

Crash into a hell full of fire.

Breathe it in, you’ll be here a while.

You took her home upon your request.

All the while you were holding her breath.

When the morning came the blood did appear.

Your wildest dreams now your darkest fears.


They said Hey, Hey, Hey

It’s okay

They said Hey, Hey, Hey

Listen now

She was alone and would have done the same

The darkness is where she belongs.


You skipped town afraid of your arrest.

The blue and red being put to the test

Of finding a felon in your new home.

Of finding you alive and ready to roam.




The open soar that you recognized

Bled for help from a friend.

The fallen branches and the fallen leaves

Mask the grave that keeps her warm.