Tim LeVan Miller

Frontier Justice – 10.7.16 – iTunes

They Won’t Bring Us Down

They Won’t Bring Us Down

            –Tim LeVan Miller


You sit down and hold the clocks.

Strength won’t still their hands.

I watch on and you don’t stop.

So I hold you.

Take me into your side.

Watch me as I stall.

Talk as we might.

Oh, time is still.


They won’t bring us down

Drench the fire in their eyes

I am here for now, and ever.

Tear them down, all that we can

Cause they won’t bring us down.

No, they won’t bring us down.


They discover our thoughts.

Then sell them as their own.

Keeping tabs on our work.

No, they’ll never win.




You are everything I am not.

And you’re taking all that I’ve got.

So I’ll ask you to take down the mask,

And walk alone.